New Online Dates

People from across Derbyshire and now also Derby City with a long-term health condition are substantially benefiting from our courses which are supporting and encouraging participants to self-manage their conditions more effectively to live fuller more meaningful lives.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we are at the moment unable to offer any face-to-face courses; however, we are delighted to let you know that we have developed an online version of the course which is now ready.

Our next available online course will start:

Tuesday 19th January 2021 at 10.30 am with further dates planned.

The courses will be delivered the same as the Face to Face courses which usually take place in the Community. They will run for six weeks, with a session being held each week at the same time.

To attend the online course, participants would need access to a PC, laptop or tablet that has a webcam and audio facilities.

Please see Attachment timetable for all of the online LWLTC courses taking place in the new year. We do have a high uptake for the sessions so if you have, or know of anyone who may be interested in attending please refer to us as soon as possible to ensure that a place is reserved.

Overview of the Programme

This is FREE six-week programme is delivered one day a week for 2.5 hours. It aims to support people with a long- term health or medical condition, to maintain their health and improve their quality of life. The course has been designed to help people with chronic or long term illness regain as much control over their physical and emotional wellbeing as possible. It compliments existing health care programmes and treatments, empowering participants to be more informed and take back control of their lives.

Topics covered include healthy eating, relaxation, appropriate physical exercise, dealing with pain, fatigue, stress and depression, and communicating effectively with friends, family and health professionals. It also provides a forum to meet with others and share experiences.

The LWLTC Programme is for anyone who has one or more long-term health conditions such as asthma, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), depression, diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), heart disease, sickle cell, HIV, ME/chronic fatigue, chronic pain or any other condition. The course is also available and has proved to be beneficial for carers of someone with a long term condition. The programme is delivered by two volunteer tutors who themselves live with long-term conditions and can give practical advice based on their own life experience.

Feedback has been great. People have said that the programme has really helped them to feel more positively about life, as well as advising on practical changes they can make to improve their wellbeing.

What people who have attended the courses say;

  • Great course able to share thoughts and feelings with like-minded people
  • This was an excellent course providing a variety of strategies to help me live more effectively with a long term condition with all its accompanying problems and ongoing symptoms and issues.
  • It has helped so much and the tutors deliver the course in a fun and interesting way. I have learnt a lot
  • It was good to meet people with the same problems due to their health and discuss these things
  • I feel ready now to look for a job
  • Due to this course I am more inclined to go out and Socialise with strangers as I have more confidence and have made friends
  • I’ve seen people with a different problem to me, I know it is a problem to make yourself understood and being in this group gives you the understanding of how other differ from each other and how they cope with their situations which has also helped me.
  • Very useful helped me through a very difficult period and in areas which I have previously struggled with for many years.
  • Helped me to look forward to a more positive future.
  • Fantastic tutors, friendly likeable, easy to talk too and they listen and really understand.

For further information or to reserve a space on one of the courses please return the referral form (Word Doc) or alternatively you can contact us at;